Mostra Architettura e  Generosità - Firenze | image courtesy of AF517 | photo ©Stefano Anzini

Architettura e Generosità – the exhibition of Alfonso Femia and his Atelier(s) sponsored by FRarchitettura

© Author: Arch. Francesco De Fazio

Progetto RistrutturABILMENTE

From April 29 to November 13, 2022, the loggia of the Museo Novecento (museum in Florence) is transforming in occasion of the exhibition Architettura e Generosità by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia. Between the many sponsors and promoters we find FRarchitettura of Antonio Russo.

In this way, Alfonso Femia marks the 10th appointment of “Il tavolo dell’architetto”, the series of temporary exhibitions made in collaboration with the magazine Area, showing famous architects, collectives and architectural studios of the international contemporary scene.

The whale of Alfonso Femia

The exhibition Architettura e Generosità The exhibition Architettura e Generosità starts with the representation of a whale, inspired by Pino Pascali, to explore the intimate world and the design of Alfonso Femia. This imaginative and zoomorphic representation summarizes the values that lay the foundation of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia through a series of thoughts.

These “come from the deepest abysses of the sea that can bring up and create a fruitful conversation with the different times of humanity”, said Laura Andreini, the exhibition curator. “Contrast and Time (the right time), linked to the whale, are the two central themes from which Alfonso Femia started.

The contrast of an animal which, even though it is a mammal, lives in the abysses of the sea and time – the right time – because it emerges only when needed. A path of immersions and comebacks, reflections and thoughts, that only when ready, manifest into drawings, architectures and words”.

The intimate and profound relationship with architecture

Therefore, the whale is the archetype of how Alfonso Femia sees architecture: a path of an in depth immersion into situations and places, of reflection on the history and of design creation according to contexts and people’s expectations.

Care, Desire, Exploration, Generosity, Responsability, Travel, Narration, Thought, Territory and Continuity are the cornerstones of Alfonso Femia’s design thought, visualized in the outlines of celestial creatures on the windows of the loggia in the transformed version of the Museo Novecento.

The contribution of FRarchitettura

Exhibitions and meetings unveil the hidden side of architecture, becoming source of inspiration not only for the experts and studios involved, but for the public too.

FRarchitettura is – as Alfonso Femia refers to – one of the travel companions of the Atelier, because of the research and the projects made together. FRarchitettura presence at this exhibition helps the realization and the narrative.

FRarchitettura by Antonio Russo was already a promoter of other cultural and artistic initiatives (for example the recent digital initiative developed with BIG and Medelhan) but was honored anyways to contribute to the exhibition Architettura e Generosità by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia and to be one of the official sponsors.

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CREDITS: AF517 Atelier(s) Alfonso femia

CREDITS photo: ©Stefano Anzini