FR design solutions and services main sponsor for Medelhan Extraordinary: CityLife by BIG.

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Progetto RistrutturABILMENTE

FR design solutions and services has been the main sponsor of the last episode of the CityLife Medhelan Extraordinary Series, dedicated to the most important international architectural studios. FR is a leader for its partners: Hunter Douglas, La Tecnica nel Vetro, Lupak Metal, Gazzotti.

The international studio of architecture, BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), has been a guest of the third episode of the series dedicated to the neighborhood of CityLife in Milan.

This majestic urban project presented incredible design challenges faced by Lorenzo Boddi. The visionary architect and partner of BIG offered a fortunate point of view on one of the icons of the contemporary architectural panorama.

The project by BIG studio for CityLife has been a success between many architectural masterpieces. The most important names are UNStudio, Dominque Perrault, Antonio Citterio and Carlo Ratti. The building is the final touch of the upgrading plan for the neighborhood that was once called “il Portello”. The project wanted the area, that was used for the Fiera of Milan, to flourish again.

This example of avant-garde design has harmoniously entered the area as a missing piece of the urban landscape. Therefore, instead of competing against the existing towers, the final shape consists of two combined buildings. This was possible thanks to a suspended wood canopy that creates a covered public space.

FR di Antonio Russo reaffirms itself in the international architectural and design panorama once again. The result comes from the accurate work as a consultant for design studios and as an immediate contact, which goes straight to the point with his partner companies.

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CityLife Milan, Italy ©BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group