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Frarchitettura and Horizon double-glazed venetian blinds

FRarchitettura di Antonio Russo has always had an active role in the Italian and international panorama, not only for the supply and consultation, but also for finding innovative products and materials that satisfy the needs of designers and clients.

Speaking of recent collaborations, it is important to mention the one with Horizon – rising star in the panorama of double-glazed systems for facades in the national and international territory. Horizon is an innovative startup founded by Epifanio Nunziata where young and creative minds have long experience in the area of glass.

The promising startup kicked off with a partnership with the Israeli company Orshade – company with a 30 years experience in the double-glazed glass curtains.

Horizon produces innovative furnishing accessories, such as double-glazed venetians and LCD, which help controlling natural light, source of well-being and energy, surrounded by products of an elegant and modern design, wherever they may be needed: offices, apartments and public structures.

There could be domotic systems or specific controllers for the products.

Double-glazed venetian blinds: features

The double-glazed venetians have two or three panes of glass (double-glazing). Therefore, the main advantage is that these blinds do not need any maintenance because they already are free of dust, filth and atmospheric agents.

In addition, the blinds can be oriented. In this way, they can offer the maximum amount of light based on the environment and, if needed, the inclination can be also regulated.

The width of the slats can vary from 12.5 mm to 16 mm and the usual thickness of the window structures don’t have to change.

The DM9035, produced in Germany, can guarantee to function for at least 60.000 cycle in a space of 4 square meters.

The electronic elements are produced and developed in Israel. The Technical Data Sheets can be found in the link below.

VBE series (Electric Venetian Blind): innovative double-glazed venetian blinds on the market

The VBE series is a high precision system – generally used for specific purposes in double-glazing with two or three layers of glass – can reach up to 12 square meters to satisfy the most demanding designers and architects.

Because of the central of command control unit, up to one-hundred Venetian blinds Because of venetian blinds can work simultaneously, only using a button on the wall, a remote control, domotic systems or solar motion sensor light (twilight switch).

VBE can be used for many reasons, for example for sliding doors, high-speed doors, transom windows, room dividers and curtain wall systems.

In the catalogue there are six colours available – all intentionally light to better reflect the light and, as a consequence, for the heat. The slats can be personalized by choosing out of more than 2000 patterns and colours.

VBE series: the advantages of Horizon double-glazed venetian blinds

Here we will discuss the greatest advantages: Light Control, Management, Thermal Insulation.

Light Control

Horizon blinds can be fully oriented. Their Micro Tilt System regulate the angle of inclination of the slats. Depending on the chosen direction, you will be able to:

  • Make the environment dark
  • Partially cover the rays
  • Increase the amount of light


The management is possible thanks to technology: remote control, radio-frequency and remote access (smart management).

  • CONTROLLER With this system you will be able to move the venetian blind by pressing some buttons of up/down. One remote can manage countless blinds and is available in three colours.
  • RF SYSTEM The Horizon venetian blinds can be managed from a distance by the RF remote. This communicates with a radio transmitter, which counts on 30 channels for the management of venetian blinds, controlled individually or in groups of unlimited number. The groups can be personalized and showed on the OLED screen of the remote.
  • SMART MANAGEMENT The OR Link is a system that easily connects the venetian blinds to internet, so that they are controlled from anywhere. In this way, the blinds can be monitored from a PC, Mac, phone or iPad/tablet. Furthermore, you can have assistance and technical support remotely, ensuring maintenance if needed.

Thermal Insulation

The thermal insulation is an important topic and also a reference point for the consultations of FRarchitettura. In fact, another advantage of double-glazed venetian blinds is the insulation they guarantee, with a consequent conservation of the energy, necessary to warm up or cool down a place. The past experiments have shown a difference of 5°C between a double glazing with the blind up and one with the blind down; and 3°C when the blind was half closed.

VBE series: strong points

The strongest points of all Horizon products are:

  • Anti-overlapping, which avoids lifting the lift strings
  • Head rail reduced from the usual 6 cm on the market to 2 cm, so that can be in last generation windows without showing
  • Realization of glass windows up to 12 square meters
  • Connectivity and management from remote
  • 1 week delivery instead of the average 3-4 weeks
  • Local and from remote assistance in the client’s interest

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