I’m the representative for several of the most important national and international companies in ventilated facades, flooring and paneling systems for interiors and for the construction system.


Hunter Douglas has been a global leader of technical blinds and solar protection for over 50 years now. Moreover, it’s one of the main manufacturer of architectural components and systems: ceilings, solar control systems and facade systems.

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The partnership born with Hunter Douglas depended on the great ability in transforming the designers’ technical aesthetic specifications into architectural requirements.

We provide solutions that share the vision of each project, thanks to the partnership with architects and companies from all over the world. In particular, thanks to the synergy born from working together.

From the technical specification to the installation, Hunter Douglas can guarantee the most appropriate thermal, bright and acoustic comfort.

The knowledge on installation and technical support has been developed with me and others international experts in facades and interiors. Thanks to this, Hunter Douglas can offer long-term products and integrated high-quality solutions.

Hunter Douglas dedication towards energetic efficiency of buildings, sustainability and responsible development – main objective in my work as a consultant and essential requirement for all my partners – has been shown by constant efforts to gain more respect for the environment. This respect was obtained also by improving the productive process and by trying to prevent waste and maintenance.

Hunter Douglas was involved in the realization of thousands of high-profile projects all over the world: buildings for offices, retail and business, train or urban stations, airports and public spaces, hotels, residences, school buildings and governmental ones.

Hunter Douglas is based in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, but it also has headquarters in Lucerne, Switzerland. Hunter Douglas group involves 134 companies: 47 for the production and 87 for the assembly in more than 100 countries, employing approximately 22,750 people all over the world.

Thanks to the network in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America, Hunter Douglas counts on an incomparable record for being globally present and fully answering to the needs of clients, designers and developers in Italy and all over the world.

Scafati (SA) | ITALY

La Tecnica Nel Vetro S.p.A. is one of the leader companies in the transformation of glass in Italy and it is on the main international markets, in Europe, USA, UAE and Canada.

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The main products are certified in Italy (UNI Cert.), Great Britain (BSI Kitemark), USA (IGCC IGMA – SGCC) and France (Cekal).

La Tecnica Nel Vetro produces high-standard float glass for big construction projects all over the world, especially slabs of big dimensions in tempered and laminated glass for curtain wall, insulating glass and different configurations. Many of the products are personalized and custom-made to meet designers and architects’ needs, but also the needs of the design itself. Moreover, it produces glass with specific characteristics for special projects: walkable glass superficies, bulletproof glass, balustrade, and design elements in glass, other than glass with digital printing on it, very requested from architects and designers from all over the world for the high customization level obtained in the façade.

All the works reach a maximum of 6,000 x 3,210 mm, using the most sophisticated technology for the transformation of available glass. In this way, processes are efficient and mechanized, which is an advantage for the quality of the finished product.

The company relies on different research and development projects, collaborating with many universities and research institutes. The result of the I.N.C.A.S.S. Project was an insulated system for anti-seismic and sustainable curtain walls. For this system the company has a license.

La Tecnica Nel Vetro is a reference partner for important architectural studios and designers. Through my technical and specialized consultation and the experience in the industry of glass, the company follows up the designer’s work since its very first step. The range of products offered to clients is very wide: from insulating glass walls and curtain walls – innovative, of high-performance and custom-made – to digital printing glass with ceramic paints. Other than being in the facade, the product is preferred from high-profile interior designers for the furniture of inside spaces.

The main projects realized with the company, where I followed my clients step-by step, are: the Dean of the project Roma 3 with MC Mario Cucinella, Kombetare Arena at Tirana with the architect Marco Casamonti, the University of Sion, Marr Spa.

Agrate Brianza (MB) | ITALY

Resstende is a leader company in the industry of solar protection, specialized in the production of technical roller blinds that are very appreciated from famous designers and architects all over the world, which are also my clients. The first establishment of Resstende dates back to 1975, but the experience acquired in 1980 brought up the first series of both darkening and filtering roller systems.

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I have chosen Resstende as a partner because it developed an history of research, quality and technology that we can see today in over 1000 products, also exported in more than 30 countries. The establishment in Agrate Brianza (an Italian municipality in the region of Lombardy) satisfies the most modern productive and normative needs: essential for a quality production, which is my number one objective as a consultant and expert in architectural facades.

Resstende has been promoting a new line of products with an essential design since 2011 and, in 2017, it sponsored a fruitful partnership regarding some new types of roller blinds.

The key words on the market of Resstende are perseverance, passion, and efficiency: the main values that, along with innovation and sustainability, perfectly characterize my way of working and the quality that I guarantee to my clients.

Faenza (RA) | ITALY

With only two factories and a team of around 30 associates, Lupak Metal is the first Italian company that produces exterior window blinds systems in aluminum profiles and extrusions.

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The origins of Lupak Metal date back to the sartorial attention to products and services. This has been transforming the company into a perceptive interlocutor who is in constant dialogue with the client and a reliable partner, other than an expert for my work as a consultant of facades and glass systems.

Lupak Metal stands for passion, experience, research, and attention to details in each product. Quality is its fundamental, from the design to the assistance after the sale, keeping up with a demanding market constantly evolving. These elements are also what characterize my job as an expert. This is what I seek in companies I represent.

Above all, designing for Lupak Metal means listening to satisfy the clients’ needs, understanding the different aesthetic languages, talking with professional from the architectural and the building industry world, and finally, it means being updated on market trends. These are exactly the principles I follow in my day-to-day work. This design project satisfies specific functional and aesthetic needs, elevating to its maximum the possibility of customization. The choice of materials, non-invasive accessories, silenced movements, and the finishing-ups that match the chromatic tone of the building giving to every façade the perfect dress that bring the aesthetic value to its highest potential.

Lupak Metal partners know very well the contemporary architectural language. They are particularly experienced in different kinds of installation and adaptation requirements for big dimensions. Thanks to these aspects, the company is a competitive interlocutor in the building industry, passive houses and reconstructions. The possibility of home automation systems completes the Lupak Metal offer for a top comfort in a contemporary way of living.

Trebbo (BO) | ITALY

Gazzotti is a leader company for the production of traditional parquet flooring. Gazzotti has been founded thanks to the intuition of Leonello Gazzotti in 1910, and it is a reference point for the industry since that moment.

The company has been working hard for the production of quality wood flooring since its foundation and it became the official supplier of Real Casa.

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Technological construction has been evolving since then, just like architects and designers’ needs, that is to say, my number one clients. Therefore, according to new interior furniture styles, Gazzotti parquet acquired new types of wood, new format and compositions and new technologies for construction and setting. On the other hand, what didn’t change is the selective choice of materials and the constant attention to quality towards work processes.

The high range and personalization guarantee me a quick response to designers and clients’ needs.

Each project that I worked and I have been working on has a touching, gentle and 100% eco-friendly parquet, produced in Italy thanks to over 100 years of experience, respect and knowledge for nature, passion for beauty, technological and aesthetic innovation. Each piece is singularly checked, so that it can become an international testimonial of an excellent tradition and of the Italian style for its quality, innovation, and design.

The sustainability of materials and a responsible production are the top goals of Gazzotti, which indeed counts on several certifications that prove the quality of its work. In particular, floors have the Formaldehyde E1 Certification. Therefore a very low emission, but with high benefit for people’s health and interiors salubrity, according to EN 717-1 guidelines. This is one of the reasons for which I consider Gazzotti as an important and reliable partner, in addition to its technical excellence and the fact that it offers personalized solutions based on the project and the designers.