Promoting the relationship between form and functions

providing the best service includes excellent quality materials and realistic budgets.

consultant for architectural design

I have been an architectural and design consultant for more than 20 years now.

I like to describe myself as an actual partner for both Italian and international companies and design studios, helping them find the best solution and service for their ideas and designs.

I’m specialized in technological and ventilated facades, high quality glass systems for strategic infrastructures. I also provide solutions for interior, flooring, and paneling systems.

Past, present and future architectures are the result of many factors combined: the right design, a relationship between shape and purpose, good quality materials, ensuring the actual realization and a budget, the right choice on partners and suppliers.

My role covers both the technical and the consultant point of view. I smooth the process and the relationship between the many stakeholders involved in the design: clients, developers, architects and design studios, general contractors, construction and implementation companies.

In the role of a 360 degree and customer-oriented consultant, I always aim for the top and I like elevating the quality of my work day-by-day. I help in the creation of an innovative, fresh and stimulating architecture regarding its shape and function. In the last twenty years, my work has been helping the companies and the design studios I work with in becoming the most respected in the Italian and international panorama. I have also been awarded with several prizes that show the wide range of technical projects and achievements.

Design solutions and services

An innovative design and a high-quality service are the main component of my work. My approach is methodical and pragmatic, but also innovative and rich. I can count on a great knowledge in the construction field and a full attention on details concerning every phase of the project, from the development to the realization and finally, the delivery of it.

My work requires a complete range of services and offers to all my clients from all over the world a handy key solution for their demands.

My services include the choice of suppliers, the support for the design, the selection of the best materials based on their performance and quality, the general project planning and the quote in agreement. I work with all the stakeholders of the project (customers, developers, architects and design studios, general contractors, construction and implementation companies).

  • Support and consultation during the phase of strategic planning
  • A selected choice of suppliers and partners
  • A close relationship with design and architectural studios
  • A plan for your budget

My business network

The best service includes excellent quality materials and realistic budgets. In order to do so, I have chosen to represent a selected group of top leader companies in the architectural world, especially concerning facade and interior paneling systems. The companies that I represent are:

My relationships with architects

Each design and architectural project has a different story, but they all have something in common: a brilliant and visionary client, a designer who catches the right ideas, one or more experts who know how to collaborate from the beginning of the project until its realization.

My job as consultant has its foundation on solid, enduring and great relationships with design studios from all over the world.

Sometimes the internationally renowned designers whom I work with are not only partners and experts internationally known, but also long-standing friends.

Among them:

My approach

Nowadays, the design of an architectural project, that has to last over time without losing its functions and qualities, cannot lack in technologies, quality materials and efficiency.

Moreover, a fundamental is the respect for the environment and for the people who live inside the buildings.

Environmental sustainability must be a driver element for the consultant of design services and solutions, not just an intention.

This attitude/approach has never changed for me over the years.

By sustainability I mean a real principle of design and realization.