Designight Medelhan Napoli 12.05.2023 - fr_architettura ©Maurizio De Fazio

FRarchitettura and Antonio Russo as promoters of “La Tecnica Nel Vetro” at Designight by Medelhan. May 12, Naples

© Author: Arch. Francesco De Fazio

Progetto RistrutturABILMENTE

The event DesigNight Naples by and in collaboration with MC International and Studio Gnosis, was hosted in a breathtaking location on a rooftop with a panoramic view on the gulf and the Vesuvio of Naples on May 12, 2023.

DesigNight is a night dedicated to the most important players of the architectural world, Real estate and hospitality in the luxury field. 250 people from all over the world, including enterpreneurs, designers, Real estate agents and more participated at the event. Between them, there was also Francesco Felice Buonfantino and his partners from Studio GNOSIS.

FRarchitettura promoter of the partnership with La Tecnica Nel Vetro

FRarchitettura of Antonio Russo promoted the participation and sponsorship of La Tecnica Nel Vetro. La Tecnica Nel Vetro S.p.A. is one of the leader companies in the transformation of glass in Italy and works in Europe, USA, UAE and Canada.

La Tecnica Nel Vetro produces high quality float glass for big building projects all over the world, especially slabs of big dimensions in tempered and multi-layer glass for curtain wall facades, insulated glass and several configurations. Many products are customized to meet the designers and architects’ needs. Moreover, the company produces glass with specific features for special projects: bulletproof glass, glass that you can step on, balaustrades, design elements in glass and digital printing on glass. Architects and designers from all over the world seek out these characteristics for the high level of personalization.

La Tecnica Nel Vetro | FRarchitettura sponsor alla DesigNight by Medelhan Napoli 12.05.2023 - ©Maurizio De Fazio
Antonio Russo with Avv. Marino Domenico (left)
and Owner production director Ferdinando Gargiulo (right) of La Tecnica del Vetro.

La Tecnica Nel Vetro: the path of growth of the product and communication.

In 1999 Luigi Gargiulo founded a small family-run glassmaker company, La Tecnica nel Vetro S.p.A., in Pimonte, Italy. Through time, the company invested in technology and specialized machines and moved the factory in Sant’Antonio Abate, where the relationships in the float glass market got stronger and the work increased. Gennaro Gargiulo (CEO) and Ferdinando Gargiulo (Production Director) transformed the business model of the company to work in an international environment. In 2014, the business moved to Scafati in a factory of 7000 square meters, using their strenghts and experience to export their Made in Italy to Europe and America. The company counts on its leadership in the national market to grow through a strong and specific plan of communication, but also to grow the awareness through the design research and selected investors.

Resstende - sponsored by FRarchitettura At DesigNight

Frarchitettura also promoted the company Resstende, an Italian company specialized in the design, production and installation of roller blinds, sun shading and solutions for solar protection for inside and outside spaces. The company was born in 1987 in Bergamo, Italy, and it has grown since then, becoming a global leader for solar protection systems.

DesigNight: a huge success with the support of FRarchitettura

The event has been a huge success: the participants had fun while connecting with people in an exclusive environment, with live jazz music, drinks, and caviar for all the guests.

DesigNight Naples by Medelhan has been a unique occasion to meet the best professionals in the industry and exchange ideas and opinions, creating new opportunities of business and collaboration.

A big thanks to FRarchitettura and new activities

La Tecnica Del Vetro S.p.A. La Tecnica Del Vetro S.p.A. and Resstende were really glad to participate at the event and to support this initiative, confirming the leadership position in the industry and their commitment in the growth of the market.

FRarchitettura and Antonio Russo send a sincerely thank you to all the participants and the sponsors of the event, promising that they will contribute to the organization of others exclusive events for the world of architecture, Real estate and luxury hospitality.

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Photo CREDITS: ©Maurizio De Fazio