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Alfonso Femia | AF517 ©Avandero

Alfonso Femia

Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia AF517 | ITALY

Both personal and work relationship with Antonio have been an actual experience of growth, based on several design projects and existing works, which are innovative especially for the use of materials and its connection. (Antonio) ensures the best possible result to the final realization of our projects, because of his in-depth knowledge of the technique, in particular of glass materials. His strong passion is shown in everything he does

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Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia is an international architecture firm based in Genoa, Milan and Paris. The experience gained in more than 25 years of design activity, developed at all scales of intervention, is reflected in the depth of approach to the most sensitive issues of the city and the territory.

Founder of the atelier(s) is Alfonso Femia: in 1995, he created and co-founded 5+1, transformed in 2005 into 5+1AA which subsequently, in 2017, changed its name to Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia.

The physical belonging (the three ateliers) to three different geographies Genoa, Milan and Paris characterizes an atypical professional aspect that is inspired by the contamination with art, photography, literature, music.

His most recent projects include the new Vimar headquarters in Marostica, the Dallara Academy in Parma, the new headquarters of the BNL-BNP Paribas Group in Rome, Les Docks de Marseille, The Corner in Milan and a residential social housing complex in Milan.

In the two-year period 2020/2021 he won, in Italy, the competition for the redevelopment and recovery of the first Italian Mint in Rome, for the Porto Corsini terminal in Ravenna, for the Cittadella della Cultura in Messina, for the Porto Marghera Venezia terminal , for the Salerno airport, and abroad, the university campuses in Annecy and Avignon in France.

Odine Manfroni | MEW

Odine Manfroni


I have been knowing Antonio for many years and it has been a pleasure to meet him at professional events and work together. His great professionalism and perseverance leaded him to a role of absolute supremacy concerning glass, which is, with no doubts, a point of reference for architects and designers.

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At the MEW (Manfroni Engineering Workshop) Studio – each component of the structures is analyzed and designed individually.

This is possible thanks to computerized models and numerical simulations of structural systems with FEM (Finite Element Model) methods, in addition to the representation with necessary sketches for the realization of the works.

The engineer Manfroni pays close attention to the engineering of evocative architectural projects. In fact, they require steel or glass covering, curtain walls and hung structures with cable systems, with countless realizations in Italy and foreign countries.

He has been a consultant for many famous designers all over the world. Among them:

  • The architect Norman Foster (Foster&Partners, London)
  • The professor and architect Paolo Desideri (A.B.D.R., Rome)
  • The architect Mario Cucinella (M.C.A. Architects Paris and Bologna, IT)
  • The professor and architect Paolo Portoghesi (Rome)
  • The professor and architect Alessandro Anselmi (Rome)
  • The architect Odile Decq (ODBQ Paris)
  • The architects Nichols Brosch & Sandoval Associates (Miami, USA)
  • Luis O. Revuelta P.A. Studio (Miami, USA)
  • The architect Sergey Tchoban (Speech, Moscow).

Some of his projects received special attention.

On November 30, 2012, he attended the professor Hans Kolhoff’s Lectio Magistralis at the National Gallery of Contemporary Art called “A regola d’arte” (“According to Art rules”). Manfroni himself presented a memory called “L’ingegno del fare: riflessioni di un ingegnere” (“The talent of doing: considerations of an engineer”).

Odine Manfroni is an official member of the executive board of AICO (Italian Association Composite Materials for the construction Industry). Between the works done with these materials, the support of carbon fiber fabrics for a roman arch in Rimini (named “Porta Montanara”) is of important relevance. Later, after its outplacement, it has been seismic adapted.

As a consultant and assistant to the professor of Mechanics of Solids and Structures for the department of Engineering at the University of Bologna, Manfroni followed several projects of research. For example, projects that involved the mechanics and the seismic of the fracture of fragile materials, but also the use of composite materials (FRP) in civil engineering.

Furthermore, in the role of an assistant supervisor, he followed the thesis at the department of Architecture for the universities of Venice (IUAV), Rome (La Sapienza), and Pescara (G. D’Annunzio).

In 1988, the engineer Manfroni took classes at the “IZIIS Institute” in Skopje (Institute of Earthquake Engineering & Engineering Seismology, in North Macedonia) for a short period. There, he developed experience in seismic design.

In 1989, he attended the “TNO-IIBS Institute” in Delft (The Netherlands), where he discussed the numerical simulation for mechanics problems of fragile materials fracture.

Finally, in 1993, he was a guest at “Wessex Institute of Technology” (WIT) in Southampton (UK).

During his stay at this institute, he also learnt the BEM (Boundary Element Method) numerical techniques.

Ha partecipated in several international conferences, where he presented numerical simulations, lab projects and test results developed at the universities of Bologna and Venice.

Luca Milan

Luca Milan


I’ve had the opportunity to meet Antonio on an important construction site in Rome and it has been a pleasant discovery. Working with him and his team is exciting and challenging, and that’s because Antonio is always seeking innovative and inspiring solutions. His support is an incentive to professional growth, through which we can realize our ideas.

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Luca Milan (Genoa, 1967) got a degree in Architecture in Rome, after studying at Arkitekturskolan in Stockholm. He graduated as a Research Doctor at the department of Architecture of Pescara in 2003. From 2003 to 2005 he had been a professor of Automatic Drawing at the department of Architecture of Valle Giulia (Rome), under the major of Graphic and Multimedia Design.

Then, he became a consultant for important public and private institutions, such as Soc. Risorse in Rome, the Ufficio Concorsi Architettura of Rome, the Fondazione Valore Italia, the Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali of Roma Capitale, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

He had been the Project Leader of the winning team of a European invitation to tender for the protection and recovery project of the Constructivism heritage of Moscow and Kyiv (RKM Save Urban Heritage) from 2010 to 2012. Later on, he had been a member of the Executive board of Inarch Lazio from 2012 to 2017.

He was elected President of the Roman Srl Aquarium in May 2014, company of the Association of Architects of Rome.

He is the owner and founding partner of Studio NEXT Urban Solutions. His studio, together with the architect Paolo Mantero, won the competition for the interior design project of the new BNL headquarters of Roma Tiburtina on February 2013.

He is now a consultant of the Struttura Tecnica di missione (STM) for the value appreciation of national anniversaries and the participatory dimension of new generations as a design expert of exhibiting spaces and multimedia setting up since October 2022.

Gianluca Peluffo

Peluffo&Partners | ITALY

I have known and I have been working with Antonio for several years now, and both personal and professional respect have grown over time. What strikes me is his ability to understand creators and designers’ needs, talking with companies so that he can realize our ideas. We talk the same “work-language”.

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Peluffo&Partners is one of the brightest companies of the international contemporary architecture.

Its buildings stand out and will keep doing so for their originality in Italy (in Rome, Milan, the regions of Liguria, Molise, and Veneto), France and Egypt.

Buildings remind what architecture can offer us. The fundamentals of the Studio are based on the strong beliefs that: architecture can change the world, happiness is the goal of an architectural work and each building, no matter the function or the client, has a public role and a public meaning. The Peluffo&Partners Studio celebrates its belonging to a cultural genealogy and believes that it is the key to communicate with any other cultural genealogy.

Through the language of architecture and architectural construction, in its projects, Peluffo&Partners gives importance to the relationship between the building, the city, the landscape, and the human life. In fact, they realized public buildings, schools, universities, residences, masterplan, restoration of historical buildings, and buildings for work, music, plays, conventions, research, trade, and culture.

The historical Studio of Lucio Fontana at Pozzo Garitta in Albissola (an Italian municipality in the region of Liguria) is the main headquarter of work and cultural hospitality. It represents the choice of a genealogical continuity in modern days, through the practice and promotion of communication between the Arts, Architecture and Thought.