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A revolution for exteriors in the Architectural world. Glass Vacvitrum LandVac® defines a new excellence standard for the quality of life.

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FRarchitettura, involved in the promotion of technological and avant-garde solutions, introduces a revolution in the glass industry with the advanced technology of Vacvitrum LandVac®, which Antonio Russo will promote at the most qualified Italian architectural studios. This new generation vacuum insulated glass not only redefines the concept of energetic and acoustic efficiency, but it is also the new point of reference for excellence in the industry, aiming to improve the quality of life through unprecedented innovations.

Vacvitrum LandVac®: an important step forward in the evolution of glass

The Vacvitrum LandVac® technology represents an important step forward in the evolution of glass, offering unique features that will change how people conceive living and work spaces. This innovative glass is designed to overcome the traditional challenges of insulated glass, ensuring superior performance in thermal and acoustic insulation.

A peculiar and distinctive feature of Vacvitrum LandVac® is its vacuum structure, which virtually eliminates the thermal conduction so that the energetic efficiency of buildings greatly improves. This avant-garde technology results in a more efficient thermal management, therefore reducing the energetic costs and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, the acoustic insulation capacity of Vacvitrum LandVac® creates a quiet and peaceful environment, far from exterior noises, which improves the occupants’ wellbeing. This represents an important step forward in the creation of living and work spaces that encourage concentration, productivity and comfort.

Vacvitrum LandVac®: an important step forward in thermal efficiency and quality of life - technical parameters

Vacvitrum LandVac® is an actual shift of paradigm in architecture. It does not only concern glass, but also a catalyst for a new quality of life. Its ability to improve energetic and acoustic efficiency sets an entire world of possibilities for architects, designers and owners’ buildings, who desire avant-garde and sustainable spaces.

The thicknesses of Vacvitrum glass are really minimum (from 6,3-8,3-10,3-12,3 mm) with tenths reduced to one-fifth than traditional thicknesses.

Acoustic demolition has a range of RW/db 38 db up to 48 RW/db based on the compositions that are made.

Vacvitrum LandVac®: compatibility in specific architectural contexts and sceneries

The product is definitely suited for sloping roofs, in which it works at its best because of its main features that are superior than insulated glass solutions. Indeed, insulated glass can lose up to 40% of its technical efficiency regarding thermal-acoustic insulation when in a sloping position.

Vacvitrum is also essential for the renovation Industry, especially when there are landscapes restrictions, rules and regulations on cultural heritage. The possibility of adding the vacuum Vacvitrum glass in existing windows can drastically reduce the value of the thermal coefficient K. For example, some tests on different window frames showed that the thermal values went from a K of 5.5 to about 1.7 for an equivalent monolithic multi-layer glass.

Vacvitrum LandVac®: a great opportunity for the most skilled window fitters

Vacvitrum stands out for its exceptional technical features. Vacvitrum stands out for its exceptional technical features. Technical data shows a great advantage from a sustainable and economic point of view. The minimum thickness of the glass introduces a bright future where the most skilled window fitters can intervene, so that they can reduce the thickness of the aluminum profile sections. Not only this evolution eliminates material waste, but it also lightens the total weight, therefore positioning the product as an avant-garde option in the market.

Vacvitrum LandVac®: other fields of application

Vacvitrum LandVac® can be implemented in several industries other than architecture. Here are some possible areas of application:

  • Automotive and railway fields: vacuum glass can improve thermal and acoustic insulation inside vehicles, so that drivers’ experience results as more comfortable and efficient from an energetic point of view.
  • Interior design: In the Industry of furniture and interior design, the advanced technology of Vacvitrum LandVac® can be integrated in furnitures and accessories to improve the acoustic and energetic efficiency of the environment.
  • Household appliances: Electrical appliances that implement glass, such as refrigerators and ovens, can benefit from vacuum technology to improve thermal insulation and to reduce noises.
  • Factories: In industrial contexts, Vacvitrum can optimize the insulation in environments that are sensitive to temperature or noise changes.

Vacvitrum LandVac®: certifications

Due to its excellent performance regarding thermal and acoustic insulation, the product obtained an important certification, which was given after passing several tests by the IFT Institute in Rosenheim, Germany. All the certificates are available at the official LandVac® page. Furthermore, LandVac® is discussing the possibility to be part of the negotiation table on ETA with the International Institutes, aiming to examine rules and standards needed to obtain the prestigious CE mark.

Vacvitrum LandVac®: FRarchitettura as official promoter

Vacvitrum LandVac® glass is therefore meant to become the new standard of excellence in the industry, clearing a passage for architectural projects with aesthetic, functionality and sustainability. FRarchitecture is available via this form or through contact via LinkedIn to offer more details and customized advice to design, engineering, corporate and private firms.

The future of Architecture is embracing a new era.

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