The Bridge - Urban Office Campus - Milano | image courtesy ©Gualini (gruppo COSTIM) – InvestiRE SGR S.p.A

The Bridge – Urban Office Campus – A sinuous apostrophe made of glass and steel in Milan

Milan (IT)

© Author: Arch. Francesco De Fazio

Progetto RistrutturABILMENTE

Gualini and COSTIM, in collaboration with Tonon S.p.A and Oneworks S.p.A, supported by FRarchitettura, developed the project The Bridge – Urban Office Campus. The final client was InvestiRE SGR S.p.A and the project was finished in 2021. The building, which aimed to be for commercial activities and offices, is in the center of Milan, close to Teatro Dal Verme. It also hosts the prestigious law firm, Bird&Bird.

A modern intervention for an historic environment

The main intervention of The Bridge included the reclaim of two historic buildings – unique for their position and structure. They enhanced the morphological features of each building by focusing on theinteraction and the aesthetic. On one side, the first building was designed in the 50s by the architects Magnaghi and Terzaghi and overlooks on Via San Giovanni sul Muro. On the other side, the second one is from the 70s and overlooks on Via Porlezza 12.

A new skin made of glass and steel

The intervention of the first building focused on the facade with the rigid frame of the linear building that overlooks on Via San Giovanni sul Muro. Therefore, the existing aluminum window frames have been replaced with new steel profiles in order to keep the original facade and improving the performance.

On the other side, the intervention of the second building on Via Porlezza 12 concerned the precious double curved glass facade: the double glass skin for the facades showed on the courtyard and the single glass skin for the facade on Via San Giovanni sul Muro guarantee an excellent climatic comfort,so that the environment heats up in winter and cools down in summer. The system stands on hanging steel cable fixed to a beam in the ceiling covering.

The contribution of FRarchitettura

FRarchitettura supported Gualini during the technical analysis to find the right type and stratigraphy for the facades and window frames for the part regarding the thermal cutting for steel. It also helped with the coordination of the supplies.

An improved and modern interior space

It is impossible not to admire the extraordinary shed glass room: the final result is an attractive and avant-gardist multifunctional environment, which builds an improved and balanced relationship with the urban context.

Project info and credits:

InvestiRE SGR S.p.A.

General contractor:
Impresa Tonon S.p.A.

Building walls:
Gualini S.p.A. (gruppo COSTIM)

Oneworks S.p.A.

Duration on the work:
2019 – 2021

Site address:
Via San Giovanni sul Muro / Via Porlezza 12, Milan

Destination of use:
Commercial activities and officies

@Gualini (gruppo COSTIM) – InvestiRE SGR S.p.A