Nuova sede IULM 6 - Milano | image courtesy of Peluffo&Partners | photo ©Ernesta Caviola

New headquarter IULM 6

Milan (IT)

© Author: Arch. Francesco De Fazio

The realization of the new headquarter IULM 6 by Gianluca Peluffo with 5+1AA literally changed the characteristics of an outskirts area in the south of Milan. This was possible thanks to a project that aims to be a clear urban story of the city.

In this way, according to its designers’ concept, the new headquarter IULM 6 is a symbol of the outskirts that become almost the center.

An outskirts slowly turning into the center

Milano Famagosta: An outskirts that slowly became the center. An industrial past founded on ruins” We are talking indeed about the outskirts of Milan, that was built according to the post-war city criteria.

In fact, the project of the new headquarter IULM 6 aims to give dignity back to this area through the creation of an actual meeting place.

“Universities are a place of research. Therefore, where the unpredictable takes place.The place for the unpredictable is the one in the middle, the In-Between. The Chiasma. The routes, the halfway spaces, the gardens, and the terraces are places for perception, sensorial wealth, meetings, intellectual and love ambushes“.

The volume of the building

The volume of the building is basic and simple on its plan. But the building is developed on its height and its halfway spaces show its rich and complex side.

An opaque plaster tower, surrounded by industrial security stairs, hides a continuous flight of stairs, an angular but unique promenade.

A great variety of environments and services

The new building offers countless spaces and services for the students and the city of Milan.

In fact, inside, there are a 600 seats auditorium, a smaller room with 146 seats, the new headquarter of the Scuola Politecnica di Design and the exclusive IULM University Club.

The new building has a total surface of almost 20,000 square meters. This space is occupied by the tower (9 floors), the north wing, the south wing, and the wide multifunctional place for exposition.

The exposition place it’s a blank surrounded by a forest, with a full moon and its substance”.

Then, in the middle of full and empty spaces, there is a big room of 600 seats covered by green ceramic. It represents the disorientation, the surprise.
For us it’s the answer, always fighting “against the universal grey”.

Project info and credits:


IULM – Università di Comunicazione e Lingue

architectural design:
Gianluca Peluffo with 5+1AA, Alessandro Schiesaro

design team:
Luca Pozzi, Gabriele Pulselli, Raffaella F. Pirrello, Daniele Marchetti, Domenica Laface, Alessandro Bellus, Lorenza Barabino, Corrado Vaschetti, Massimiliano Prete.

IULM University expansion

total area:
19.753 m2

18 M euro


Danilo Trogu

© Ernesta Caviola