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Chorus Life – An innovative smart district in the center of Bergamo

Bergamo (IT)

© Author: Arch. Francesco De Fazio

Progetto RistrutturABILMENTE

Chorus Life was designed by Cav. Lav. Domenico Bosatelli, whose dream was building a “city of the future” in order to live according to a new concept of Real Estate.

It is an important project of urban reclamation and the first innovative model of smart district – an example not only for Italy, but for the world. FRarchitettura has been the consultant of the project (for the all-glass balustrade of the residential building), realized by COSTIM, a holding company that worked through Percassi (general contractor), Gualini (international company for the design of buildings) and Elmet (global service provider and energy service company).

The project Chorus Life aims to reclaim 70,000 square meters of the former industrial area OTE, that is now a smart city with new sustainable and technological experiences for the users.

Chorus Life – the first innovative smart district

Chorus Life Bergamo will replace the abandoned area of approximately 150,000 square meters and will include an arena of 6,500 seats, a parking lot with 1,000 parking spots, a spa, a medical center, a jogging trail, 20,000 square meters of urban green space, shared use paths (for pedestrian and cyclists), a hotel with 107 rooms and 74 residences.

Chorus Life works through a technology that is invisible to the user’s eye. This innovative model is totally controlled from a digital platform created by GSM (business unit of COSTIM). This makes possible the combination of a digital infrastructure and plant systems, so that both physical and virtual realities can benefit people and communities.

IoT data collection and data monitoring – a technological infrastructure for a sustainable future

Due to the interconnection of the buildings, people manage them from afar in real time and, if the user turns the big data generated from the smart buildings into smart data, it is possible to create customized applications and digital services to increase comfort, safety, performance and sustainability. GSM can “digitalize” the development of real estate and incorporate IoT technologies, enhancing the user’s sustainable behavior that can be monitored by key performance indicators (KPI). The platform is very flexible and can be customized according to specific needs of the urban area.

In this way, Chorus Life Bergamo meets 9 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also collects a big amount of data and creates a digital environment because of the technological solutions applied. This implies a constant optimization of the energetic functions, the sustainability and the quality of life in the smart district.

A place for social and urban interaction

Not only Chorus Life will add value to the territory, but it will be a place for people to meet, a place for present and future generations. Because of the smart organization of the space and the technology as a benefit for human life, different generations can meet and sincerely exchange their points of view. The fact that there are no architectural barriers and a meeting space – the central agora – promotes a better quality of life, focused on the person’s well-being through their social integration.

The project gives new opportunities to the construction industry, creating new jobs, but also representing a challenge for innovation, because it opens doors to new ways of economic development for an integrated industry which considers the tertiary sector, the domotics, the territory and the architecture.

The innovative and dynamic facades of the Arena – the heart of Chorus Life

The Arena is the pulsating heart of the project. It will be multifunctional and avantgarde – a new space and connection for the buildings of the complex, where experience is the main character. A space with the most modern technologies of stagecraft that can host many events, such as concerts, exhibitions and conventions.

The Arena is covered by a “dynamic facade” made of thousands of small wings that shape the aluminum clad, moving with the wind and reflecting the lights and images at night, which creates a spectacular and iridescent effect. This is indeed an avantgarde solution.

The dynamic facade moves and changes through time, creating an innovative aesthetic of strong impact.

Other areas of the project and the contribution of FRarchitettura

Around the Arena there will be a big Piazza with 25,000 square meters of urban green space. Services will cover 20,000 square meters: shops, restaurants, spa, wellness center and a sky jogging trail on the rooftop with a view on the buildings.

The residential building is peculiar for the all-glass balustrades from which is possible to enjoy the landscape. The glass of the balustrades is supplied by “La Tecnica nel Vetro”, partner of FRarchitettura. The glass guarantees the perfect visibility and the required safety standard according to the regulations at the same time.

The residential building will be divided into private residencies, a 4 Star Superior hotel of 107 rooms, an amazing restaurant with a panoramic view and a wellness center. Chorus Life Bergamo is a building of overlapping volumes and curtain wall facades with curved glazing that are the reason of an extremely innovative aspect.

Chorus Life Bergamo – a model for a more sustainable future

The core business of the project recalls the global goal to reclaim the urban areas all over the world.

The starting idea was a city where social well-being, economic gain, sustainable architecture and smart technology are perfectly integrated. By doing so, the urban model of Chorus Life keeps the person and their needs as the main focus according to the modular design. Therefore, it’s a model that can be copied everywhere because both the structures and the services for the person and the community can be customized.

Project info and credits:

Chorus Life S.p.A.

Client and Developer:
COSTIM s.r.l.

Impresa Percassi S.p.A.

Architectural design:
Joseph di Pasquale – JDP Architects

Duration on the work:
2020 – Work in progress

Destination of use:
Hotel, residencies, wellness center and Arena

Main products:
Aluminum sash window (2,000 m2)
Curtain wall facades (12,000 m2)
Claddings (sandwich panels, ventilated facades covered in porcelain stoneware, ventilated glass facades) 18,000 m2
Dynamic facade (3,000 m2)
Parapets (5,500 ml)
Aluminum dropped ceilings (8,500 m2)

Width of the global intervention area:
approx. 150,000 m2

Width of the private area:
approx. 70,000 m2

GFA installed:
43,000 m2